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Have you been seriously injured in an accident because of someone else's negligence? If so, do not hesitate to speak with the Long Beach personal injury lawyer at Overett Group. We have helped countless clients recover damages after all kinds of serious accidents and have successfully recovered compensation for each and every one of our clients. We understand the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing after such a traumatic event and we will treat you with the respect and support that you need while pursuing compensation for your injuries.

The moment you contact our firm or walk into our office, we will find out what is most important to you and then focus on delivering personalized attention and excellent results. Our firm handles everything so that you don't have to worry about anything except healing and recovering from your injuries. You need the counsel and representation of an experienced and caring attorney in order to maximize your compensation. Do not hesitate to speak with the lawyer from our firm and learn more about how we can handle your personal injury claim.

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To contact a professional about how you can maximize your compensation, call our firm at (562) 222-8526 or fill out the form.

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Committed to excellence, our professionals believe in giving every case we handle our complete attention and full energy from start to finish. In doing so, we have been successful in helping each one of our clients recover compensation. No matter what the case entails, we strive to reduce our clients’ stress, speed their legal process, and maximize their recovery.

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Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent Me?

  1. It will allow you to focus on your recovery, rather than winning your case.
  2. So you'll have access to an expert in California personal injury law.

  3. So you don't have to face your insurance company (or someone else's) alone.

  4. For expert guidance in getting you the best possible settlement.

Taking a Different Approach to Personal Injury

Why Hire Us?
  • Aggressive
    We will not hesitate to go head on with an insurance company in the courtroom to ensure our clients are treated fairly.
  • Personalized
    Clients are given their attorney’s cell phone number! We want them to know help is just a call or text away when they need it.
  • Tried
    & True
    We’re familiar with the different nuances, tactics, and approaches used to successfully recover compensation in an injury case.
  • Compassionate
    Our firm is passionate about helping clients do everything we can to help them move forward after a serious accident.
  • Informative
    We show our clients how the process works and make sure they know how to protect themselves in the future.
  • Driven
    by Results
    We are always pushing for favorable results, so clients can be free of the claims process and focus on their recovery instead.

How can we help you?

Our firm handles a large number of traffic accident claims each year. If you have been in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or bus accident, we can skillfully handle your case to establish liability and work with the insurance companies to obtain the settlement you deserve. Our firm has handled all types of car accidents, including drunk driving accidents. Our firm is also experienced in handling pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. We know your rights under California's traffic laws and can fight to prove that you were not responsible for your accident in any way. We are also capable of litigating for a fair trial verdict if a settlement cannot be reached.

Perhaps you have been injured on the job. The Overett Group can provide skilled representation for all types of workplace accidents. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or by a defective product while working, you could receive workers' compensation, but you may also be able to file a separate personal injury claim if an individual was responsible for your workplace accident. If you were injured while working in the harbor, you could file a claim for longshoreman injuries under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA).

Proven Results for Complex Injury Cases

  • “After a tragic accident that involved 7 members of our family, Paul calmly walked us though the long process of litigation!”

    - Kelly W.

  • Being in a car accident while pregnant was an incredibly stressful ordeal and Paul Overett made things so much easier for our family. He worked hard to get the insurance companies to focus on more important things.

    - Catie & John D.

  • “Attorney Paul Overett is Sympathetic & Available to Discuss All Possibilities & Outcomes!”

    - Nic F.

  • After my motorcycle accident getting in touch with Paul was the best thing I did. Paul and his team took care of hassling with the insurance company, while I rested and focused on rehab and epsom salt baths.

    - Sean Laughlin

  • Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with on your own. Paul took all the administrative complexity out of an already stressful situation and allowed me to focus 100% on my recovery.

    - Anonymous

  • “I Made the Right Decision to Go With Overett Group!”

    - Victor N.

  • Paul helped me after the other lady's insurance company denied my claim and said it was my fault. He spent a lot of time working through the case with the adjuster and ended up getting me a nice settlement when I had pretty much given up.

    - Sara V.

  • “Overett Group is Professional, Kind & Swift With Their Work!”

    - Claire F.

  • Paul is incredible. He not only rescued me from another attorney who was totally messing up my case, but eased my fears about attorneys in general.

    - Rae F.

  • After my car accident, Paul told me exactly what to do to help me get the treatment I needed, get my car fixed, and get the best settlement out of the other guys insurance company. Paul got me a great settlement and did all the work!

    - Rob W.

  • I don't have the words to show the full extent of our gratitude for Paul. I would recommend Paul Overett to anyone with great confidence that he will do the same for them as he did for us. My decision to hire him was the best decision I have ever made.

    - Aida Graves

  • Paul took care of everything so I was able to get the medical care I needed to get better a lot quicker than expected. After the stress of totaling out my car and having to buy a new car I was so happy to not have the same headache with my medical coverage

    - S. Baker

  • “Paul Overett's open and honest interactions about the process and timing of my case were greatly appreciated!”

    - Nicholas K.

  • I did not know where to begin with the insurance company who just gave me the run around, so a family member referred me to Paul. Paul has taken all the stress and hassle off of my hands.

    - Kamryn W.

  • I will definitely use Paul again if the occasion arises, and would recommend Paul to anyone in need, because he really cares about his clients.

    - M. Sternjacob

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  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident: Initial Pre-Trial Offer $150,000


    Verdict After
    Trial & Appeal

  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident: Initial Pre-Trial Offer $300,000


    Verdict After
    Trial & Appeal

  • Slip & Fall

    Slip & Fall: Initial Pre-Trial Offer $75,000


    Verdict After
    Trial & Appeal

  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident: Initial Pre-Trial Offer $300,000


    Verdict After
    Trial & Appeal

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