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When you’re injured in an accident, your life could suddenly change. Bills start piling up, and you can’t settle them because you can’t work — the accident has caused injuries impacting all aspects of your life. Accidents happen all the time, but when they occur due to another person’s negligence, you can sue them and recover compensation that will help you support your life and needs.

However, if you sustained serious injuries, the last thing you want is to maneuver the intricate legal process. But you don’t have to give up. You can still receive the compensation you deserve by seeking help from a skilled personal injury attorney. The lawyer will take the burden of filing a claim/lawsuit off your shoulders.

At Overett Group Attorneys, we are personal injury lawyers who help clients achieve the rightful compensation for the losses they suffer due to injuries caused by other people’s negligence. We have successfully represented thousands of clients who file injury lawsuits in Long Beach, CA. We have helped these clients fight against negligent cooperatives and individuals who prove difficult for other law firms to defeat. Our clients have recovered full and just damages for injuries caused to them.

If you are suing for the wrongful death of your loved one, we understand that no suit or claim can right what has happened. However, we’ll fight for the maximum possible settlement to ensure you have the funds you require to soften the blow the death inflicted.

Our main objective is to ease our clients’ financial and legal concerns, so they concentrate on recovery. We’re always ready to help you receive maximum compensation for rehabilitation, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, funeral expenses, loss of earning capacity, and many more.

We boast of being driven to achieve just results for everybody we represent. Don’t deny yourself justice and the chance to regain your life. Contact us to share the details of your case or ask any questions you might have. We are ready to offer you legal assistance and counsel.

What Overett Group Attorneys Can Do For You

We have numerous resources and many years of experience to fight for your rights regardless of the circumstances. We understand you are going through financial hardships, physical challenges, and emotional difficulties your injuries caused. We’ll hold a meeting with you first to go over the facts surrounding your case and the possible outcomes.

Once we agree to take on your case, we’ll be dedicated to taking every necessary step to obtain you fair compensation. We’ll devote our resources, energy, and time to treating you with compassion, respect, and dignity since we want you to be at ease. We will ensure that the compensation recovery process is painless and still attain the most favorable outcome.

We work with private investigators, doctors, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals to evaluate your case, gather proof, and establish a fair compensation amount. We’ll put ourselves in your shoes and direct our efforts and resources to achieve the best possible outcome for you. And because we are conversant with Long Beach courts, we’re ready to represent you and obtain the compensation you deserve. We have managed to make our clients smile by winning them the highest possible compensation. Some of the cases we have handled are:

  • Motorcycle accidents.
  • Wrongful deaths.
  • Cases of defective products that caused harm.
  • Injury cases due to auto defects.
  • Premises negligence whereby injury occurred because of improperly cared properties.
  • Dangerous road conditions where a motorist was negligent in their driving capabilities.

We Take On Insurance Companies Head-On

Our lawyers know that sustaining injuries can adversely affect how you live, and often, the pain might linger for a lifetime even after undergoing surgery and comprehensive treatment. Whereas financial compensation cannot cancel out the pain, it’ll help ensure you receive the money you require to offset your medical bills and take care of other losses you may have suffered due to the crash. Financial compensation also ensures you have ample time to recover from your injuries.

Insurances are meant to come to our rescue financially if the unfortunate happens. However, insurance companies are usually in the business for profits and might try to evade their responsibility of caring for a person who has suffered accident-related injuries. Some try settling cases for far too little than what injured parties deserve. It could be challenging for you to deal with the pain and suffering and, at the same time, worry about how you will meet the expenses associated with your injuries.

That’s why we are here to help you. You can leave the financial worry to us while you focus on recovering. We’ll determine the compensation amount you are owed based on future, and current losses caused by the crash, then stand up to the insurance company to ensure they pay nothing else apart from what you deserve. We won’t stop fighting until you’re fully compensated.

Why Hire Us?

If you’re suing for damages, know that the accused party is not going down without a fight. Therefore, you want an elite lawyer with experience with personal injury law and court systems. You want a lawyer who is devoted to obtaining a positive outcome for your case. We have all these characteristics, and you can count on us to never disappoint you. You should also hire us because:

We Offer Individualized Attention to Clients

We know that every case is unique, and every client has different needs. Therefore, we don’t approach them all the same way. We strive to deliver representation tailored to the client’s specific needs. With compassion, integrity, and proficiency, we tackle the legal hardships our clients face and provide assertive advocacy to promote what’s in their best interests. We’re committed to obtaining the most favorable results for you.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

We’ve helped many injury victims recover thousands of dollars in compensation. We cannot guarantee results. However, we’ll undoubtedly offer our best. We understand that the trauma and pain you experience after being in a crash can have long-term implications. Do not delay in fighting for your legal rights. Act fast by letting us help you protect what’s yours. You may, in the end, join the list of our clients who’ve recovered the damages they deserve.

Cost-Free Initial Consultation

Before hiring us to fight for you, we’ll first discuss and assess the specific facts surrounding your case. We’ll also help you know and understand your legal rights and options to make informed decisions regarding how we should proceed with your case. We’re experts and won’t pressure you whatsoever. We offer free initial consultations in person, online, or by phone. If you cannot come to our office, we’ll come to see you regardless of whether you’re at home or in the hospital. We’ll work based on how your situation allows since we want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

What’s even better, we handle our cases on a contingency basis. This means once we agree to take on your case, you won’t pay us a dime until we win it and obtain your compensation.

We Offer Around-the-Clock Services

Having a skilled lawyer is a good thing. But having a competent attorney who isn’t reliable and cannot be reached whenever you have a burning question or an emergency is highly frustrating. At Overett Group Attorneys, we’re committed to all our clients. We make it a priority to be accessible whenever you need us. You can reach your lawyer 24/7/365 by email, text message, or phone call.

California Personal Injury Law

Every state has its personal injury laws. Our personal injury lawyers are fully conversant with the intricacies of California's statutes. Whereas you don't need to be an expert in these laws, it's still helpful to know the basics. Here is an overview of California personal injury laws:

  • There's generally a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases, which starts running from the day you are injured. Once the two years elapse, you'll lose your legal right to file a claim/lawsuit.
  • Claims/Suits against any government body have a statute of limitations of only six months, and the rules you must follow are pretty strict.
  • If you are unaware of your injury, the statute of limitations clock starts ticking from the day you discover the injury instead of the day you were injured.
  • Economic/special damages the guilty party is responsible for include lost wages, medical expenses, loss of future earning capacity, home renovation that may be required to accommodate disabilities caused by injury, and out-of-pocket costs. There's no limit to special damages since they're established by the expenses resulting from the injury.
  • Non-economic/general damages include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, pain & suffering, and mental anguish. There's no cap on general damages for every other type of personal injury case except for medical practice cases, such as where your injury was a result of a medical error. The highest you can recover in general damages in medical malpractice cases is $250,000.
  • California recognizes the pure comparative negligence rule. This means your compensation amount will be reduced per the extent of your guilt if any. Thus, supposing you were 30% to blame for your injuries and your total compensation amount is $10,000, you will end up receiving $7,000.
  • If you are an uninsured driver and were injured in a car crash, you lose your right to general damages even when the other motorist is 100% to blame. But if the other motorist was under the influence of drugs/alcohol, this rule doesn't apply.
  • In dog bite cases, California follows the strict liability rule. Under this rule, the dog owner is virtually always fully liable for the dog's actions even when he/she wasn't negligent. This is unlike in other states that don't make a dog owner responsible for the dog's attack if they didn't reasonably believe that the dog was dangerous (the 'one bite' rule)

To Recover Damages, You Must Prove Negligence

For you to be able to receive compensation, you must prove that the defendant was negligent. To do this, you must establish four elements of negligence per the personal injury law, including:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care. The duty of care is the legal obligation to act reasonably to prevent causing injuries to other people. For instance, a driver owes you a duty of care because it’s reasonably foreseeable that you’ll be injured by their failure to use reasonable care.
  • He/she breached that duty, for instance, by doing or not doing something that a reasonable person would do given similar circumstances. For instance, he/she failed to signal properly or drove aggressively.
  • His/her breach of duty caused your injuries. The defendant may have acted negligently, but you can only be compensated if his/her negligence somehow caused you injuries. For instance, it would not be fair to sue a person who was negligently texting while driving for an unrelated crash that occurred across the street just because they were negligent. Another aspect of this element is whether the respondent could have reasonably foreseen that their actions may lead to an injury. If their actions caused you injuries through an unexpected, random act of nature, the court would most likely consider your injury unforeseeable. Thus, the defendant won’t probably be deemed liable.
  • You are seeking damages for your injuries. Here, you are proving that you need compensation due to the loss the injuries have caused you.

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Paul Overett was GOD sent to my siblings and myself. We were in a serious car accident back in December of 2010, where my car was totaled and we were transported to the ER. When it was necessary to meet to discuss my case, he was willing to accommodate our schedule and was also there for me to personally take my phone calls or promptly returned any messages that I left for him. Most of all he was very knowledgeable and experienced in the law. Paul made sure all the medical bills were paid so we didn’t have to worry about medical bill after the fact and got us the max for our settlement without going to court. It is good to have an attorney who is honest and does the right thing, he is amazing and went far beyond what I would have expected to keep me updated on the details of my case. I don’t have the words to show the full extent of our gratitude for Paul. I would recommend Paul Overett to anyone with great confidence that he will do the same for them as he did for us. My decision to hire him was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you.

Aida Graves

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Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with on your own. Paul took all the administrative complexity out of an already stressful situation and allowed me to focus 100% on my recovery. Most important to me, Paul was extremely ethical and honest and created a just outcome for all parties.


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Being in a car accident while pregnant was an incredibly stressful ordeal and Paul Overett made things so much easier for our family. He worked hard to get the insurance companies to focus on more important things.

Catie & John D

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Overett Group is professional, kind, and swift with their work! After an unfortunate event, I felt really taken care of and well communicated with. I am so grateful I had Paul and his team to walk me through the process and provide honest and well-informed guidance. Paul is the best! Highly recommend!

Claire F

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Recently I was rear-ended by a driver that was not paying attention…my car was a total loss and had suffered some injuries due to the accident. I did not know where to begin with the insurance company who just gave me the run around, so a family member referred me to Paul. Paul has taken all the stress and hassle off of my hands. Not only did he refer me to an amazing PT who was very friendly, welcoming and tried their best to work with my schedule, he answers any and all questions I had, kept me in the loop as to what was going on with me case and responded promptly to all my emails and phone calls. I could not be happier. Thanks Paul.

Kamryn W

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Paul has been a great attorney for our family. After a tragic accident that involved 7 members of our family, Paul calmly walked us though the long process of litigation. There were many people and lawyers involved and we were glad that Paul represented us. He worked well with the other parties lawyers and kept us well informed throughout. We appreciated his tenacity through the process. Thanks Paul!

Kelly W

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My experience with Paul was great. He made the process smooth and easy during a difficult time over the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas Season when I was without my car due to a hit and run accident. He went to battle for me and took control of the situation and made me feel at ease, without being invasive, or needing much on my end. I really appreciate Paul’s quick turnaround in resolving everything in such a professional, easy way, not to mention he went above and beyond what was expected. I will definitely use Paul again if the occasion arises, and would recommend Paul to anyone in need, because he really cares about his clients.

M. Sternjacob

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I have referred and worked with Paul over the last 10 years. He has always taken my best interest to heart while at the same time explaining the options and strategies to get the best results. This can be a very emotional experience to deal with and Paul has always been sympathetic and available to discuss all possibilities and outcomes. I would definitely recommend him!

Nic F

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Paul Overett for a number of years, so when I was injured in an accident in 2017 I knew I could trust no one else more than him. His open and honest interactions about the process and timing of my case were greatly appreciated because I had no idea what to expect. He was able to guide me through the process like a Himalayan sherpa. He answered all of my questions quickly and made himself readily available any time I had more questions. He’s personable, articulate, and charming. His staff was friendly and professional. I’ll certainly be going to him with my future legal needs (prenup here we come), but honestly I hope I don’t have to use him for any other personal injury matters. Knock on wood.

Nicholas K

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Paul is incredible. He not only rescued me from another attorney who was totally messing up my case, but eased my fears about attorneys in general. He was always available for me when I needed him. Keep in mind that personal injury lawyers don’t work per hour, so to get this kind of attention was really amazing and made me feel properly taken care of. We worked together to get a settlement FAR surpassing my expectations. He is trustworthy, straight, and has really fantastic personal energy. Clearly, I can’t say enough good things about Paul. I really have no complaints. He happens to also be pretty handsome and charming, which I have to say I didn’t mind at all either.

Rae F

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After my car accident, Paul told me exactly what to do to help me get the treatment I needed, get my car fixed, and get the best settlement out of the other guys insurance company. I didn’t know there was that much too it, but I’m glad I didn’t do it on my own because I’m lazy and would have just settled for nothing. Instead, Paul got me a great settlement and did all the work!

Rob W

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I highly recommend Paul Overett. When my car was totaled and I was injured in an auto accident I was worried I would have to devote all of my time to dealing with phone calls from the insurance, the defendant, and my medical providers. I really needed to just focus on therapy, getting well, and getting back to my normal active live. Paul took care of everything so I was able to get the medical care I needed to get better a lot quicker than expected. After the stress of totaling out my car and having to buy a new car I was so happy to not have the same headache with my medical coverage. Paul’s expertise helped speed the process all around. With insurance companies today you can end up owing money with the settlements they give individuals. I couldn’t be happier with how professional and top-notch Paul was.

S. Baker

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Paul helped me after the other lady’s insurance company denied my claim and said it was my fault. He spent a lot of time working through the case with the adjuster and ended up getting me a nice settlement when I had pretty much given up.

Sara V

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After my motorcycle accident getting in touch with Paul was the best thing I did. Paul and his team took care of hassling with the insurance company, while I rested and focused on rehab and epsom salt baths.

Sean Laughlin

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I was in an accident over a year ago and finally decided to take action against the other party. After searching for various injury attorneys, The Overett Group had solid reviews and the whole experience was nothing short of strong. I was impressed by the expertise and speed of the process on their part and would recommend it to anybody else. I was able to walk away knowing I made the right decision and would recommend their services to others.

Victor N

Life - Changing Results. Few Firms Can Say It, But at the Overett Group We Are Proud to Say We Have a Perfect Record for our Clients.

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When you call us after sustaining an injury in an accident, our immediate objective is to listen and help you. That is why we are glad to visit you in the hospital or at home to talk with you regarding your case and start working on filing a claim. For your convenience, we have offices in Long Beach where you can sit and personally talk to your attorney.

If we believe we can help you, we will take on your case and divert our attention to being effective injury attorneys. This means doing everything legally possible to ensure you receive fair compensation. If the insurance company proves difficult to award just and fair compensation, we won't hesitate to go to court. Contact us at 562-986-9864 to share your situation with us. We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation so you can understand whether retaining an injury lawyer serves your best interests.